Another Downtown Apartment Planned; Inspired By Viaduct

The Alaskan Way Viaduct isn’t scheduled to be completely torn down well into 2016, but plans for the waterfront redevelopment for City officials and businesses are already in the works. According to the Seattle Times, city permit records indicate that Harbor Urban has approached Seattle planners to discuss building a 16-story apartment or condo tower on property that’s now under viaduct soil. This is the first big development proposal to leak in the viaduct corridor thus far, since the tunnel was approved last year.

The Harbor Urban site is located on University between Alaskan Way & Western, which is currently a parking lot near the Harbor Steps but when they demolish the viaduct, the property has potential to gain significant value. Any particular property there has the potential to gain unobscured views of Elliot Bay and the Olympics. City and business leaders are already constructing and planning improvements to the waterfront boulevard and devising a $400 million dollar plan that includes parks, a beach and a public swimming pool. Harbor Urban is planning for 165 apartments or condos with 8,000 sf ground floor retail, and room for 130 parking stalls, and their building would ideally comply with current zoning and building limits, (which limits the building height to 160 feet). For further information on plans for the waterfront and future downtown waterfront living, visit the Seattle Times.

Is Ballard at Risk of Being Overbuilt?

According to the Seattle Times, there are 1,200 market-rate apartments in various phases of construction in Ballard, with hundreds more planned for the future. The question has come up for residents and those fond of the neighborhood: Is Ballard at risk of being overbuilt? Developers form Chicago and Virginia are building large high rise complexes where Jacobsen’s Marine and other longtime Ballard businesses once set up shop.

Sometime in 2014, when all of those building are completed, the number of units available in Ballard is projected to increase 70%, more than any other neighborhood in Seattle. And that doesn’t even include other projects that haven’t broken ground, another 750 or so that should be completed by 2015. During the recession few buildings were planned, and the last building completed in Ballard was built over two years ago. Developers are responding to the high demand for rentals today, with an influx of young adults who are looking for in-city living at a time when there’s little new inventory available. Analysts believe that in a year or so, when all of the new construction becomes available, supple and demand might be imbalanced, and the number of inventories might outweigh the demand. Rents will be lower and stabilize, and landlords might start throwing in bargains like a month’s free rent. For more information on the Ballard apartment boom, visit the Seattle Times.

Short Term Madison Park Rental Available: $4,300

This 3 bed, 3 bath home in Madison Park will be available for rent in December, and if you’re looking for a short term lease you’re in luck, as they are looking to rent for 3-4 months. There are two bedrooms on the 2nd floor and an office on the 3rd floor with a view of the neighborhood. The master bedroom has a fireplace and 3/4 connecting bathroom, lots of windows allow plenty of natural light. The main floor hosts the roomy kitchen, dining room, living room, and an additional powder room. The homes also has a spacious  fenced backyard, with a large deck for entertaining. There are also 2 side patios along the South side of the home and a laundry room in the basement. This home comes with 2 car garage parking off of the alleyway, and is partially furnished. The home is in close proximity to Madison Park favorites like the Broadmoor Golf Club, Seattle Tennis Club, and Madison Park. For more information on this home or other Seattle Rentals visit Ewing & Clark Inc.

Status: For Rent
Bed/Bath: 3BR/3BTH
Price: $4,300

Don’t Lose Your Dream Home to Another Buyer

As a renter, it’s possible you’ve toyed with the idea of buying, browsed available homes in your price range, or taken advice from friends and family in Real Estate. A word of advice of you’re ready to take the leap; don’t let your dream home be the one that got away. In your home search, you want to have no regrets and be absolutely certain that you’re the perfect match, and you don’t want to lose the right one to another buyer because you clammed up at the last minute.

Maple Leaf Bungalow

Make sure your financials are in order whether your paying cash or getting a mortgage, and be prepared to provide your real estate agent with your proof of funds right away so they have that information on file when you submit an offer. Be positive this is a home you’ll be happy in for the long haul, and although you’ll likely have to compromise on certain issues, do your homework and make sure it has everything you and your family will need. With low inventory in the Seattle Market and the Puget Sound area, know that you’re not the only one likely interested in your home. There is potential for bidding wars, so if you know the time is right make an offer when you’re ready.

Is Seattle Becoming One of the Most Expensive Places to Live?

Have you noticed everyday prices on the rise around Seattle? A pint of beer for under $5 is scarce even around happy hour, and according to the Seattle Times, Seattle ranks #2 out of 304 cities in the US for most expensive city to get your hair cut- even more expensive than in Manhattan! With other rising costs in Seattle such as a Doctor’s visit, the cost of rent, and ever rising home prices, a standard haircut for $30 doesn’t seem so out of place.

According to the Times, living in Seattle is estimated to be 16% more expensive than living in the average urban areas across the United States. Out of the measured categories, (cost of housing, transportation, groceries, health care and utilities, and good and services) Seattle ranked more costly than the National average in all categories except utilities. Is Seattle really among the list of most expensive cities to live in the United States? According to the Cost of Living Index, overall Seattle ranks 34th for the 3rd quarter of 2012, still trailing well behind Manhattan, San Francisco, and even Juneau Alaska. But how far away are we from catching up to them?

Kitchen Necessities for Under $200

When you’re moving into your new apartment, the next step once you’re all settled in is to make sure you’ve got all of the necessities you’ll need to complete your home. The folks over at Zillow have compiled a list of items you’ll want to have around the kitchen, including a number of tools that can be used in more ways than one. You’ll want to leave those very specific items such as a garlic press or ice cream maker on the shelf until you’ve got all of the basics out of the way.

The first item on the list is a good saute pan. A solid saute pan is a must-have, and choosing one that feels a little on the heavier side with a stainless steel cooking surface is a good option. Finding an all metal pan (no plastic or rubber handles) that can be used while cooking in the oven. That pan should have a heavy bottom to avoid burning your food, and a good saute pan can be found for under $45. Next on the list is a set of good cutting knives. One good quality 8  inch chef knife is worth more than several dull knives, so splurge on a few really good versatile knives, as their likely the number one tool you’ll be using in the kitchen. A good knife can be found for under $30, and a pairing knife can be useful as well for under $10.  Having a good cutting board on hand is essential, and avoid any stone, glass or hard surface boards as they’ll quickly damage your new knives.  A cheap cutting board is just as good as any other, and can be found for $5. A cheap strainer gets the job done as well, but don’t skimp on the quality of a good stock pot for soups and cooking in large quantities. These are just a few of the tools needed to  run a  successful kitchen, please find the extensive list of good kitchen household items, here.


4 Bed Queen Anne View Home Available

This lovely 5 bed, 3.25 bath home in Queen Anne features large rooms, and a stunning view of the city and Elliot Bay. There is a formal dining room, new kitchen with top of the line appliances, (as well as an additional kitchen on the lower level!). The living room has a beautiful view overlooking the city and Bay and the master bedroom is quite expansive, with an exquisite connecting master bath. Living room opens to a huge deck over looking the city. For more information on this rental, or other rentals in the Seattle area, visit Ewing & Clark Inc.

Status: For Rent
Bed/Bath: 4/3.25
Price: $5,000

Queen Anne Rental Available: $4,500

This  5 bed, 3.75 bath stunning remodeled 1930’s Queen Anne home has a spacious living room, and dining room. The 3,700 sf home has hardwood floors throughout, and a cozy fireplace in the living room for entertainment. Features include a huge chef’s kitchen, slab granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. The family room connecting to the kitchen also has beautiful french doors leading out to the deck. The luxurious master suite includes a marble shower and roomy jetted bathtub. The fully finished basement includes a media room, and a guest suite. There is wired sound throughout the home, and as an added bonus, all of the TVs come with the rental! This home is in close proximity to Seattle Pacific University and Interbay Golf Center. For more information on this rental, or other Seattle rentals, visit Ewing & Clark Inc.

Status: For Rent
Bed/Bath: 5/3.75
Price $4,500

Pinehurst Rental Available: $2,495

This sleek contemporary 4 bed, 2.5 bath rental in Pinehurst has an expansive open floor plan, and a delightful cook’s kitchen, overlooking the dining and living room areas. The home features beautiful bamboo flooring, and deep espresso cabinetry, gorgeous granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances. The upper level has a master suite with a double vanity master bath, and private deck.

The entertainment room has a cozy fireplace, and opens to the Western facing fully fenced backyard, with a bamboo enclosed patio. The carport and long driveway provide ample off street parking. If interested in more information on this rental, or others in the Seattle neighborhood, visit Ewing & Clark Inc.

Status: For Rent
Bed/Bath: 4/2.5
Price: $2,495

Smart Tips For the First Time Home Buyer

If you’re a long time renter, and starting to examine the purchasing process, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you’re making a smart decision to purchase. It can be surprising how much work and effort goes into buying a home, and a smart decision would be to get qualified by a lender to determine which price range would be the most affordable, and to interview with a few Real Estate agents to find the perfect person to represent you in your first transaction. Once you’ve been qualified, and have a price range to aim towards, you’ll be able to check out different neighborhoods. It is also important to research your agent; have they sold multiple properties in the last year? Make sure your paired with someone knowledgeable in the area you’re looking to live, and someone with an up to date license.

Once you have narrowed down the price range, and right neighborhood, be certain that you’re looking for a property that you can live in for a minimum of five years. If there is nothing in your price range in the neighborhood you desire, it might be worth staying a renter and saving additional funds, so you can afford to buy in the area you want to live. An owner typically does not earn equity on a home until after 5 years, which is generally the breaking even point, according to Zillow statistics. Buying Real Estate can be expensive, risky, and time consuming, so make sure you do your homework, take your time shopping around, and take time to research the real estate market where you’re considering buying.