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Please feel free to contact by leaving a reply below.  Are you looking to find a luxury rental in Seattle?  Would you like to find an agent to help you in your search?  Would you like us to assist you in leasing your Seattle luxury rental?  If so, contact us here, or on our Facebook and follow us on Twitter @EwingandClark.

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I’m a luxury real estate agent in Seattle. I wanted to invite you to be a guest columnist on my site

    Although, my site is focused on buying and selling real estate, I think readers can benefit by learning about the local rental market. In addition, you could back-link to your site.

    Let me know what you think.


  2. Looking for waterfront/view rental as we decide where to move from our Cap Hill house. Currently renting at Rollins Street and don’t want to consider downtown.

    Mad/Wash Park, Leshi or possibly Kirkland.




  3. Looking for a lovely setting to escape new construction due to begin next door to our beautiful Washington Park home. We are away most of the winter so we could begin renting next spring. We are flexible and may wish to start sooner and rent for approximate year.

    It is hard for us to give up any time in our spectacular home, so the rental property should be very special.

    Thank you. I will look forward to your email.
    A. McMillan

  4. I’m curious about renting my home in Magnolia. It is 4 bd/3 ba on a large lot and a killer view of Shilshole and Puget Sound. Whole handles luxury rentals?

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