Zillow App Updates New Features!

As we’d mentioned earlier this month, Zillow launched their new rental app for the iphone, making it a little easier for potential renters to keep inventory of their favorite listings handy when they’re on the go. Now the Zillow Android and iPhone apps have new features that will utilize uploading photos of properties, and using them to best document users’ favorite listings. Users are now able to use their device’s camera to take a photo while out touring the home and upload it to their favorite listings, and see those photos right there on the Zillow listing a minute later. Potential renters will also have enhanced features such as viewing the property location on a map right from the listing, or pull up driving directions synced from Google maps! For more information, download the app for yourself, and check out the new rental features!

Zillow Launches New Rental App for the iPhone

If you’re a renter in the greater Puget Sound, you’re probably familiar with how competitive the market is today, and looking for that edge to help stay one step ahead of the rest. Renters have the task of sorting through their options, and have to view several properties at once, sometimes multiple in one day and have to remember which ones they liked, and what they liked about them. To aid renters on their quest for the perfect rental, yesterday afternoon Zillow launched a new rental app for the iPhone, just like their rental app that came out for the Android in April.

The new rental app has features that will allow renters to access rental listings, see whats around the property’s neighborhood, (schools, restaurants, parks, shopping, etc) and search by neighborhood. Renters will be able to use GPS and voice search options to search rentals in a specific area, and  use color coded options to see which listings are new to the market. Renters will also be able to view their favorite listings side by side, for a detailed comparison, and can contact landlords right there on the spot. If you have an iPhone and searching for rentals in the neighborhood, give this one a try!