Tips for Securing Your Apartment for Fall

Having an apartment of your own is a truly wonderful experience, and making certain that your new home is secure while you are away is an important part of the move in process for new movers to learn. Apartment security can be easily overlooked, but here is a checklist the folks over at Zillow have compiled to make the process a bit easier for first time renters.

1.) Check your Detectors- When moving into a new place, be sure to check and make sure your smoke detector is in working order, and make sure there is a carbon monoxide detector in your apartment as well. Make sure that your batteries aren’t dead, and change them twice a year just to be overcautious.

2.) Outer Security Check- Make sure that your outside locks at the entrance of your apartment are working, as they are your first defense, should an unwanted guest attempt to enter. If there is a problem with your lock, contact your property management to get the locked replaced as soon as possible.

3.) Dead-Bolt Check- This goes in line with outer security, and making sure your apartment has a deadbolt, especially if you’re living alone is a top priority. Make sure the dead-bolt is sturdy and properly installed to insure your home’s security.

4.) Do you have a Peephole?- Having a peephole is a great addition to your home’s security, and making sure this isn’t painted over or cleared of debris is important. If you don’t recognize the knock, use the peephole to decipher if you know the knocker, and if you don’t, do not open the door.

5.) First Floor Precautions- If you’re living on a first floor unit, it’s best to take extra precautions on top of those previously listed.  Make sure all of the windows have secured locking systems, or grated coverings, and remember to close the shades when you’re not home. Don’t leave your expensive belongings in plain sight, and if you’ll feel safer with Renter’s Insurance, it might be worth looking into, should a burglary occur when you’re not home.

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