Micro Apartments- Love Them or Hate Them?

If you haven’t seem them popping up in neighborhoods like Capitol Hill or the University District, you’ve certainly heard about the 50 some micro-apartments being built all over the city. While these tiny 150-200 sf apartments offer a cheaper living option for young Seattleites, they’re also stirring controversy across the board. According to the Seattle Times, some of these apartment buildings contain 64 units each, but because the city only counts kitchens, not sleeping quarters for development regulations, the buildings bypass design and environmental review as well as notice to neighbors that is usually required for multifamily projects. apartment

Neighbors against the micro-apartments are trying to convince the city to adopt a moratorium on the apartments, as they’re concerned the buildings are creating a massive increase in neighborhood density. They feel that the city is currently allowing developers to twist the rules, and building developers are getting around standard regulations; they feel that developers should undergo the same regulations as multifamily projects. If you currently live in, or next to a micro-apartment building, we’d love to hear your feedback! Email us today if you love or hate them.

New Apartments Planned for 12th & Pike in Capitol Hill

Have you been thinking about relocating to a new neighborhood, or moving out on your own for the first time? Capitol Hill is among the most popular neighborhoods to rent in Seattle, and it turns out they’re planning a new apartment building on the corner of 12th & Pike! According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, Investco Financial Group has plans to build a new apartment building at 1200 Pike Street. Plans include a 6 story 90 unit structure, with 4,000 sf of retail space, along with 38 underground parking stalls. 1200 pike

The address currently has a  three story mixed use space in it’s place that would need to be demolished, and an early design review board meeting is scheduled to take place on March 20th at 8PM, at Seattle University, in the Admissions and Alumni Building. For follow up information on plans for the new apartment, follow the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Tips To Find the Perfect First Rental

Thinking about moving out of mom and dad’s basement? Sometimes the thought of packing up and moving out can be just as exhausting as the experience, and the search for the right rental for you can be a long process. Thankfully our friends over at Zillow have put together some tips on ways to make the search a simpler process for the first time renter.  The first step on the list is to determine a comfortable price range for yourself, and your roommates if you’re planning on moving with others. rent

Now that you’re looking into costs, and determining what kind of rental suites your needs, it’s time to start saving. Security deposits can be expensive, as well as pet deposits, and the cost of moving your belongings can add up as well, depending on the distance of the move, among other things. You’ll also need to narrow down which neighborhood you’ll want to live in, and what qualities are most important to you in your surroundings. Is there public transportation nearby, how is the school district, is there a park or grocery store in the area? Be sure to be realistic as well, you may want to live in a roomy 3 bedroom condo, but is it feasible within your budget? For more tips on easing your home search, visit your local real estate company.