67 Apartments Possibly Planned for 3601 Greenwood Ave N

Puget Sound Reprographics has occupied the space located at 3601 Greenwood Ave N for some time, but since Ewing & Clark assisted selling the space last month, different plans have been floating around for the space, including a proposal for a 67 unit apartment building. According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, an LLC registered to John Graham of Graham Capital Group filed a proposal with the city seeking a 4 story apartment building, which would include 67 units, and 3,500 sf of commercial retail space. 01rr94

The current building that sits on Greenwood Ave would be demolished with this plan, there will be a design review meeting that will take place on July 22nd in the Ballard Library. If you’d like more information on the property, visit the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Loud Neighbors? Tips For Dealing With the Noise

If you’re renting an apartment, the reality of dealing with possible altercations from neighbors is always a possibility, and the reality of having to deal with a noisy neighbor at some point is very likely. Here are some helpful tips to dealing with the noise: blow horn

Confront your neighbor directly- and nicely- that you can hear their late night noise through your walls, and that you would appreciate it if they could keep the noise at a comfortable level after hours. It’s likely that your neighbor might not even know that they are being loud, and by bringing it to their attention, might resolve the issue right then and there. If you feel comfortable bringing it to their attention, it’s a good idea to come up with a compromise, so that you both feel comfortable for the outcome. Give them a heads up of your schedule, and when you’d like quiet hours, and ask them what their schedule looks like too so it feels like a two way deal. If you don’t feel comfortable confronting your neighbor directly, contact your management- if the noise is too much for you to deal with, it is a responsible decision to leave it to them to resolve the issue; after all, your landlord is the only one authorized to fix the situation. You should also check your lease, as most apartments have quiet hours in the evenings, and if your neighbors are breaking those rules, you’ll have even the more claim to contacting management. For more information on Seattle rentals, contact your local real estate agent today.


Micro Apartments- Love Them or Hate Them?

If you haven’t seem them popping up in neighborhoods like Capitol Hill or the University District, you’ve certainly heard about the 50 some micro-apartments being built all over the city. While these tiny 150-200 sf apartments offer a cheaper living option for young Seattleites, they’re also stirring controversy across the board. According to the Seattle Times, some of these apartment buildings contain 64 units each, but because the city only counts kitchens, not sleeping quarters for development regulations, the buildings bypass design and environmental review as well as notice to neighbors that is usually required for multifamily projects. apartment

Neighbors against the micro-apartments are trying to convince the city to adopt a moratorium on the apartments, as they’re concerned the buildings are creating a massive increase in neighborhood density. They feel that the city is currently allowing developers to twist the rules, and building developers are getting around standard regulations; they feel that developers should undergo the same regulations as multifamily projects. If you currently live in, or next to a micro-apartment building, we’d love to hear your feedback! Email us today if you love or hate them.

Eastlake Receives Micro Apartment Proposal

The tiny apartment boom has gained popularity in areas like Capitol Hill, and now the Eastlake neighborhood might be getting a new Micro Apartment complex as well. Johnson Carr LLC development team has submitted a proposal to build a room-share style apartment complex. Similar projects have gained popularity due to affordability, and are set up a little different than your typical apartment; with rooms organized around centrally located common spaces on one floor. Residents share common kitchen and laundry facilities, but individual units have their own bathrooms and kitchenettes.

Micro Apartment sketch from Biz Journal

Micro Apartment sketch from Biz Journal

Johnson Car LLC is proposing a 5 story project, with 115 units at 2820 Eastlake Avenue E, on a site that currently has a house and a small apartment building that will have to be demolished. The developer has teamed up with Janette Architecture | Planning | Design, and a Seattle design review board meeting was scheduled last night to discuss the proposal. For more information on the project, visit the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.