Is Seattle Becoming One of the Most Expensive Places to Live?

Have you noticed everyday prices on the rise around Seattle? A pint of beer for under $5 is scarce even around happy hour, and according to the Seattle Times, Seattle ranks #2 out of 304 cities in the US for most expensive city to get your hair cut- even more expensive than in Manhattan! With other rising costs in Seattle such as a Doctor’s visit, the cost of rent, and ever rising home prices, a standard haircut for $30 doesn’t seem so out of place.

According to the Times, living in Seattle is estimated to be 16% more expensive than living in the average urban areas across the United States. Out of the measured categories, (cost of housing, transportation, groceries, health care and utilities, and good and services) Seattle ranked more costly than the National average in all categories except utilities. Is Seattle really among the list of most expensive cities to live in the United States? According to the Cost of Living Index, overall Seattle ranks 34th for the 3rd quarter of 2012, still trailing well behind Manhattan, San Francisco, and even Juneau Alaska. But how far away are we from catching up to them?