Renter Competition is Stiff: Come Prepared With Renter Application Packet

These days Seattle rentals are few and far between, and in our competitive rental market bringing your checkbook ready to cash in the deposit no longer puts you on the top of the applicant stack. In other popular cities like San Francisco renters arriving at showings can expect a long line of other applicants already waiting at the door, so if you’re looking to be one step ahead of the game, putting together a renter application packet could be be your ticket to a new rental.

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Downtown Seattle Rental: $4,500/Month

Get the following documents prepared before your rental showing:

A copy of your ID: either a driver’s license or passport

Proof of employment: A pay stub will suffice, but if you can get a letter from your employer confirming your employment that would be beneficial.

Pay stub: Several landlords have minimum salary requirements, so having at least 3 of your most recent pay stubs is important.

A bank statement: Having a bank statement available that indicates you are financially stable and capable of paying rent could be the difference between you and someone less prepared.

References: Have a list of references, past landlords, past neighbors and business partners is a great way to enphasize that you are a responsible tenant.

Rental Application, and fee: This is most important if you’re able to request the application prior to the showing. Some property management websites have these available for prospective tenants, and also having a check handy for the application fee will indicate your preparedness.

Make sure that you double check all of the application requirements prior to your showing if available, and don’t forget to bring your checkbook along with your completed renter application packet. Good luck on your rental hunt! If you’re interested in Seattle rentals, contact your local real estate agent today!

Kitchen Necessities for Under $200

When you’re moving into your new apartment, the next step once you’re all settled in is to make sure you’ve got all of the necessities you’ll need to complete your home. The folks over at Zillow have compiled a list of items you’ll want to have around the kitchen, including a number of tools that can be used in more ways than one. You’ll want to leave those very specific items such as a garlic press or ice cream maker on the shelf until you’ve got all of the basics out of the way.

The first item on the list is a good saute pan. A solid saute pan is a must-have, and choosing one that feels a little on the heavier side with a stainless steel cooking surface is a good option. Finding an all metal pan (no plastic or rubber handles) that can be used while cooking in the oven. That pan should have a heavy bottom to avoid burning your food, and a good saute pan can be found for under $45. Next on the list is a set of good cutting knives. One good quality 8  inch chef knife is worth more than several dull knives, so splurge on a few really good versatile knives, as their likely the number one tool you’ll be using in the kitchen. A good knife can be found for under $30, and a pairing knife can be useful as well for under $10.  Having a good cutting board on hand is essential, and avoid any stone, glass or hard surface boards as they’ll quickly damage your new knives.  A cheap cutting board is just as good as any other, and can be found for $5. A cheap strainer gets the job done as well, but don’t skimp on the quality of a good stock pot for soups and cooking in large quantities. These are just a few of the tools needed to  run a  successful kitchen, please find the extensive list of good kitchen household items, here.