Perks and Penalties of Posting Negative Social Media Reviews

Have you had a bad run in with your property management company, that left a sour taste in your mouth? Maybe your landlord hasn’t come to fix that leak you informed them of three days ago, the shared laundry room has been broken for weeks, or you just can’t seem to get a hold of anyone when you really need to. We’re you pressed to jump on Facebook or Yelp to let the world know how you felt about the experience? Back in the days before social media, new tenants only learned of complaints via word of mouth or firsthand experience, but today we’re able to jump on the internet and have an extensive database of all the positive and negative experiences previous tenants have had with their landlords and property management companies. But before you resolve to bad mouth the company, be certain the information is presented fair and informative to the public. Yelp Logo

According to Zillow, people are beginning to get sued over posting negative comments for an online review, and the SLAPP lawsuits as their called (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) are gaining popularity. A number of states have anti-SLAPP laws to protect consumers, but many don’t, so before you post a comment into the abyss, do your research and make certain you will not be causing yourself more issues than necessary. Always tell the truth about your experience, comment with the intent to help others benefit from your review, and steer clear of opinions. For more information on this topic, visit Zillow.