Seattle Rental Scene Heats Up

Seattle ApartmentAccording to, U.S. apartment and rental vacancies have decreased over the last few months, which have allowed landlords and apartment buildings to increase rental rates.  There have been a large amount of families relocating to Seattle with companies such as Amazon, Fred Hutchinson, local hospitals, and other companies going through hiring frenzies.  Many of these families are in no rush to purchase since they aren’t sure which Seattle neighborhoods they would prefer to live in and most have the luxury of temporary housing.  Larger companies tend to offer temporary housing which allows tenants the time to learn more about which neighborhoods they would prefer to live in and at the same time leads to a decrease in Seattle apartment vacancies.  Owners of single family rental homes throughout the Puget Sound area have benefited from those tenants looking for the perfect home for their family and preferring a house over an apartment.  These owners benefit due to a lack of inventory and a large amount of families searching, which consequently has allowed landlords to obtain higher rental rates. To read more about a decrease in vacancies and an increase in the Seattle rental rates, please read the article here.