Seattle May Day Protesters Leave Their Mark on the City

When you stepped outside for lunch and saw the sun peeking out of the clouds on this lovely 1st day of May, you probably didn’t think you’d be tuning into NPR and hearing about how the “Black Bloc” protesters were already tearing apart the Seattle City limits. Around 11:50am peaceful protesters migrated from Seattle Central

Photo of areas affected by the Protestors of May Day in Seattle, Courtesy of the Seattle Times

Community College to Westlake Center to join the demonstrations taking place in the square such as a concert put on by Hiphop Occupy Seattle. Less than an hour later approximately 300 people  including the “Black Bloc” folks armed with sticks, wooden riot batons and other makeshift weapons marched from the park west on  Pike Street then south on Third Avenue. They began jumping on cars and sprawling out across the streets and causing significant property damage to retail spaces like Starbucks, Nordstrom, Niketown, and many other businesses. They did extensive damage to the 9th district court house and Wells Fargo Bank on 3rd Avenue. Officers were able to get to the crowds and an unknown number of arrests were made after these damages.

According to the Seattle Times, Nike has release a statement: “Nike supports free and peaceful protests. We do not condone violence. Fortunately, no one was injured at Niketown Seattle. We will re-open the store as quickly as possible.”

Looking for a Unique Rental? Live in a Church!

If you’ve been searching for a rental unlike any other around town, check out this converted home on Ballard that was once an actual church! This quirky 6,300 sf Ballard landmark, located at 2007 NW 61st St is partially renovated for residential living quarters, and has that spooky haunted house/old spirits lurking around the church feel to it.

Photo Courtesy of RedFin

This 6 Bedroom, 3.25 bath is equipped with a bell tower, abandoned tricycles amidst the entryway and a relatively large attic space and can be your humble abode for $789,000. Find other listings in the Ballard neighborhood here.

Looking Into Being a Landlord? Pick a College Town!

Have you been looking into the perks of being a landlord? Purchasing properties in college towns will typically convert into a rentable unit, no matter how the economy is doing in any particular area. College towns generally provide a steady flow of jobs for locals and school enrollments are on the rise with the unemployed going back to school to seek new job skills.

Along with the increased demand for available units, according to CNN Money, the cost of rent has continued to rise by 5% over the past 12 months, and we can expect the cost to continually increase. For buyers in the college town market, there are plenty of bargain deals out there and the closer to the campus, the better. According to Coldwell Banker’s College Home Listing Report for 2011, the typical 3 bed 2 bath home sold for less than $200,000 in nearly two-thirds of the college markets in the US, and in 1/4 of the towns, the same size home sold for under $150,000. For more information on this article visit CNN Money.