Tips For Saving On Your Summer Garden

If you have an outdoor area with your rental home, then you’re likely aware of how much you can spend to make it lush and beautiful with greenery! If you don’t have a plan in place, you can very easily spend a fortune on grass, plants, pots, planters, flowers and more, and just as easily kill everything that you spent that fortune on. Here are some sure fire tips to creating a nice affordable garden on a budget. planter box

Know your spaceĀ – Not having a plan before you go to the store to buy your plants, is like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Be sure to know what kids of plants/flowers will work best in your rental- Will they be in a shaded area? Will they be on the rooftop, which can be fairly hot? If you buy flowers that require sunlight, but will be sitting on your doorstep in the shade means they won’t even live to see sunny weather. Make sure you have a proper drainage system in place – plants don’t like when they’re roots are wet, and will not flourish as well as if they had ventilation.

Opt out of the expensive plantersĀ – If you have space for a container garden, planters can get very expensive, and there is a much cheaper, affordable option that is just as pleasant- pots! IKEA has a nice selection of pots, as well as Home Depot, and Fred Meyer.

Buy plants that come back every year – If you’re spending money on plants this summer, you want to enjoy them for a while so why not buy ones that grow back year after year, instead of the ones you only have for one season? Perennials are a great options, easy on the eyes and the pocketbook, and fairly low maintenance.