Time to Move? Tips for Decorating Your Rental

When you move into your first apartment, the excitement is absolutely the best feeling in the world! Your initial priority is just getting the basics, but after you’ve stocked the fridge, and  put the furniture that you already have in the correct rooms, you’ll want your living environment to be comfortable and a good representation of you, so how will you decorate your first home? Here are a few tips to guide you along the way. Before you buy any furniture, go online or read some design magazines and figure out what styles you like best, that go along with the furniture you already have. Do you like the look of steel or a dark food finish? Are you going for a modern or vintage look? While you’re looking for furniture, look at rooms that are already decorated to get a better idea of the right style for you. Rental

Have you picked out a color scheme? Not everything has to match, but you don’t want to have a thousand colors in a 500 sf apartment either. If your landlord won’t let you paint, you can still add color to the rooms with an end table, throw pillows,  and add color to the walls with art. It’s important to measure everything in your apartment before you go looking for furniture; you don’t want to buy a couch that looks like it might fit, then come to find it don’t even fit through the doorway. Buy the big pieces of furniture first, then see how much room you have left to fill with a coffee table, floor lamp, and tv stand. If you have the right budget, it might seem like a grand idea to do all of your shopping in one trip, but you’ll save money in the long haul if you shop around, and see what’s available. Garage sales are a great way to support neighbors and find items you might not have, and places like Target and Ikea have inexpensive furniture that is perfect for the first time renter. If you haven’t found the right rental yet, check out these Seattle neighborhood rentals.