DIY Home Projects With Your Kids

Having young children in the house almost always makes the home more lively, exciting, and louder, among other things, and alot of times those summer projects that you’d like to get done around the house get put on the back burner in order to enjoy those precious beautiful summer days with the whole family. Luckily we found that Zillow has put together a list of home projects that the whole family can participate in to make your house or rental feel more like home sweet home.

You can have your kids fill plants in a window box, using a small container and seasonal plants that can be interchangeable. Kids generally enjoy playing with dirt, but the real treat is seeing their handy work come to life when the plants begin to grow. You can have them create  homemade stepping stones for the garden, mixing the cement for them, and allowing them to place stones, shells, etc in a design they enjoy. There are plenty of other projects you’ll be happy to get done around the house, and your kids will enjoy feeling like they helped out too. For more DIY prospective projects, visit Zillow.

Zillow Reports Rentals Continue to Outshine Housing Market

According to Zillow’s Real Estate Market Report in February, the median price in rent had risen 2% since February 2011, and home values had continued to fall, dropping 4.5% during the same time period. Zillow’s Rent Index illustrated that the year over year gains for an estimated 68% of metropolitan markets measured by the ZRI, and only 8% of metro areas covered by the Zillow Home Value Indexsaw home values rise.

Seattle Rental In Leschi Neighborhood

Today’s rental market is continuing to heat up, with an emphasis on areas where home values have consistently been declining. Foreclosures have been at the forefront in keeping home values down, with foreclosure re-sales making up an  estimated 20.3% of all sales in the month of February. Zillow experts have said that we’ve made it through the worst of the housing market recession, but with the enormous inventory of foreclosures and unemployment are all still factors to overcome on the rise to recovery. For more information on rental listings in the Seattle area, visit Ewing & Clark and Craigslist.